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Rutgers University
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The unit director (see Section J) shall provide the candidate with the signed and completed
Recommendation Information Form. Within ten (10) days of its receipt, the candidate will sign and
return the Form to indicate concurrence with its content, or, if there is a dispute between the
candidate and the unit director as to the content of the Form which they are unable to resolve, the
candidate shall so indicate in the space provided above his/her signature attaching an explanation to
the Form.
The unit director shall attach the candidate's list of documents to the promotion packet. It
shall be the responsibility of the unit director to circulate that list and all documents or materials
submitted by the candidate, together with any other relevant material to the appropriate reviewing
The candidate may suggest potential outside evaluators and may discuss with his/her unit
director qualified persons from whom letters may be solicited. The candidate, in addition, may
prepare a list of persons in his/her field from whom he/she prefers letters of evaluation not be
solicited. The candidate shall provide a written explanation for the exclusion of each person on that
list. If a letter of evaluation is solicited from an individual on the candidate's not for solicitation list,
the candidate's written explanation shall be attached to the individual's letter of recommendation. A
unit director or the University Librarian may, at his/her discretion, also attach an explanation for
his/her decision to solicit a letter from the individual. Such attachments, whether prepared by the
candidate, the unit director or the University Librarian, shall be held, like the letters to which they
refer, in confidence.
A candidate who has had time excluded from the probationary period may, upon written
request, choose to have University evaluators, evaluative bodies, and outside evaluators informed
that his/her record is to be reviewed in the same manner as the record of a faculty member with the
normal probationary period.
If the candidate wishes to include a lengthy unpublished manuscript and requires copying
services, he/she should contact his or her unit director at least 30 days prior to the date on which
copies are needed. The candidate will be charged the prevailing rate for services so provided. If
the service cannot be provided, the candidate will be notified promptly.
F. External Confidential Letters of Evaluation
A minimum of seven external confidential letters of evaluation from qualified persons shall
be obtained by the candidate's unit director and/or by the University Librarian. External referees
should be selected on the basis of their standing in the field and the institutions with which they are
associated. All letters obtained in regard to this candidacy must be included in the promotion
packet and forwarded to all levels of review. Preliminary solicitation letters and responses thereto,
unsolicited letters and letters from within the University are not included within this category.
External letters are not required for reappointment without tenure, but are required for non-tenure
track appointments to the senior ranks and for new hires with tenure.
Prior to the solicitation of external letters, the unit director shall submit to the University
Librarian a recommended list of referees for each candidate, accompanied by a clear explanation of
the suitability of the referee, the relationship of the referee to the candidate and his/her field, and
documentation demonstrating the referee's professional standing. The unit director shall make
available to the University Librarian any list submitted by the candidate of persons from whom
he/she prefers letters not be solicited. Unit directors, in developing lists of appropriate referees to
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