90 · SPEC Kit 293
Iowa State University
(On Letterhead)
June 7, 2005
XXXXX is being considered for tenure with promotion to Associate Professor at
the Iowa State University Library. Iowa State University requires written
evaluation of the candidate’s credentials and accomplishments by
knowledgeable professionals in librarianship from outside the university/library.
Earlier, you agreed to serve in this role, and we are pleased to have your
assistance as a reviewer for the candidacy of XXXX. The criteria call for a review
of the candidate’s practice of librarianship, teaching, research, scholarship,
creative activities, and other professional service activities.
Your comments may be directed to the candidate’s achievements in the areas
listed above or to any others that you deem appropriate, such as the candidate’s
awareness of current developments in librarianship, or academe generally,
continued scholarly growth as exemplified by formal or informal study,
participation in institutional affairs and professional organizations, and interest in
improving the library profession within the University and society at-large. It
would be particularly useful if you could address the impact of the candidate’s
contributions to the field as well as the quality of research and publication as
compared to others in the field. Please review the candidate using the Iowa
State University Library’s Promotion and Tenure Policies and not the
criteria of your institution or other institutions.
The review need not take more than a page or two, but should include a
recommendation, either positive or negative. Since university officials outside
the library will read your letter, please include a brief indication of your
professional credentials for evaluation of this candidate or a brief vita. Your letter
of reference is considered confidential.
We also need to document your personal knowledge of XXXXXX. We would be
pleased if you could briefly answer the two questions below as part of your letter
to us:
1. Do you know XXXXXX? If yes, please describe your relationship with him (for
example, met at a conference, heard presentation at meeting, etc.) If you know
him, this should include how long you have known him, whether you have a
personal or professional relationship with him, and in general, if there is potential
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