External Review for Promotion and Tenure · 89
University of California, Los Angeles
that illustrate the contributions this individual has made to the Library, the University, or the
profession at large.
Under University of California policy, the identity of authors of letters of evaluation, which are
included in the official personnel review files, will be held in confidence. A candidate may,
upon request and at certain prescribed states of the academic personnel review process, be
provided access to such letters in redacted form. The University of California defines redaction
as the removal of identifying information (including name, title, institutional affiliation, and
relationship to the candidate) contained either at the top of the letterhead or within and below the
signature block of the letter of evaluation. The full text of the body of your letter will therefore
be provided to the candidate if so requested. Thus, if you provide any information that tends to
identify you in the body of the letter, that information may become available to the candidate. If
you wish, you may provide a brief factual statement regarding your relationship to the candidate
at the end of your letter but below the signature block. This brief statement will be redacted and
will not be made available to the candidate.
Although we cannot guarantee that at some future time a court or governmental agency will not
require the disclosure of the source of confidential evaluations in the University of California
personnel files, we can assure you that the University will endeavor to protect the identity of
authors of letters of evaluation to the fullest extent allowable under the law.
I look forward to hearing from you. Your response by [insert due date] will assist in the overall
assessment and will be greatly appreciated. If you are not familiar with this individual’s
activities during the period covered, I would appreciate knowing that.
In mailing your letter, please mark CONFIDENTIAL and mail to my attention at the address
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance.
[insert name]
[insert title]
[insert return address]
[insert e-mail]
[insert phone]
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