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Architecture Library Accreditation Report August 2010
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Year Books Rare Books Journals
2006/07 1,363 21 179
2007/08 890 10 219
2008/09 1,074 3 246
2009/10 1,100 3 569*
*Due to a larger than normal binding effort
The Collection Development Policy for Architecture does not include the purchase of microfiche or microfilm,
slides, drawings, or photographs. DVD’s may be purchased upon request.
Architecture Budget Expenditures:
Year Books Approvals Serials Total
2006/07 $13,960. $41,045. $11,212. $66,217.
2007/08 $17,736. $23,609. *$11,790. $53,135.
2008/09 $20,505. $16,097. $12,868. $49,470. **
2009/10 $20,265. $31,643. $12,483. $64,391
*$13,781. of the approval budget remained unspent because the vendor, Ballenford, went out of business.
**The drop in book expenditures and approval plan support for 2008/09 was the result of a temporary, and
partial freeze on monograph purchasing imposed because of the significant decline in the value of the Canadian
dollar in the fall of 2008, and the consequent drop in UW Library’s purchasing power. The freeze was lifted in May
5. Conclusion
Musagetes Architecture Library provides a solid collection of current and retrospective books and journals to
support the undergraduate programme in Architecture. The majority of resources required by undergraduate
students for studio research and coursework are available on site. Supplementary resources that may be needed
for architectural history and iconography courses can be requested from TUG libraries. Free and subscription-
based image archives like ARTstor provide a wealth of photographs, drawings, and illustrations to select from.
Graduate students are also heavy users of the Musagetes collection. The Branch Head normally purchases all
material requests made by these students. However, thesis work often strays from a strict interpretation of
architecture into the fields of urban design, history, politics, philosophy, literature, etc. Design sites may be
situated anywhere around the world and require supporting maps and geographic material that is not available
through local sources. Graduate students appreciate the abundance of online fulltext articles in these other
subject areas available through the library website. Additionally, Interlibrary Loan becomes an important service
on which many of our graduate students rely.
I would be pleased to discuss Musagetes Library’s holdings and services with the accreditation team at the time of
a campus visit.
Prepared by:
Michele Laing, Branch Head, Musagetes Architecture Library
Information Resources Management Committee
March 2, 2011
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