154 · Representative Documents: Regional Accrediting Agency Reports
Texas A&M University
SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation. Comprehensive Standard 3.8.1
Section 3: Comprehensive Standards Standard 3.8.1, Page 6
regional, national and international library organizations and service networks that facilitate the
sharing of information resources, provide efficient document delivery request routing and
delivery services for interlibrary loan, and result in competitive pricing for electronic resources.
External collaborations to facilitate resource sharing are more fully discussed in the report on
Core Requirement 2.9, Learning Resources and Services [Core Requirement 2.9, Learning
Resources and Services].
Instruction of Library Use
The Texas A&M University Medical Sciences Library provides a rich and varied array of
instructional programs and aids in the use of the library and other learning/information resources
to the TAM HSC, unaffiliated health care providers and the general public of Central Texas.
Types of instructional programs span library orientations, open houses and information fairs,
personalized one-on-one sessions, clinical point-of-care focused instruction, customized group
instruction, contribution of modules within Health Science Center courses, and provision of
Health Science Center for-credit courses. In addition, library faculty create a variety of online
guides and tutorials and provide point-of-need instruction in the use of online resources and
access problem resolution through an Electronic Resources HelpDesk service. The following
table documents that the productivity of the MSL instructional program is above the national
mean established by the Association of Academic Health Science Libraries (AAHSL).
Table 2009 MSL Instructional Program compared to AAHSL National Mean
in Group
MSL 481 3,886 38 20
AAHSL Mean 211 2,654 26 25
The effectiveness and assessment of MSL in-person instruction as rated by session participants is
seen in the following table.
Table 2009 MSL In-Class Instruction Survey Results (on a 5 point scale)
Category Question
Content The amount of information presented was sufficient 4.2
The information presented will be helpful to me 4.2
Delivery I could see and hear the instructor clearly 4.4
The instructor effectively presented the information 4.2
The instructor encouraged questions/interaction 4.3
The instructor showed interest and enthusiasm 4.5
Overall The quality of the session was excellent 4.0
I would attend another session in the future 3.6
I feel more confident using the library's resources 4.1
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