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Core Requirements 2.9 Learning Resources and Services
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Student Advisory Board, and academic departments and via e-mail communication from Subject Librarians.
Each library maintains its own Library Hours suited to its constituents. For example, Clemons Library, which primarily
serves the undergraduate population, is open 24 hours Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to midnight on Saturday and
from 10 a.m. on Sunday. Access to the Health Sciences Library is provided 96 hours per week, with extended hours
available during exam periods. A 24-hour study room is available for nursing and medical students. The Law Library is
open daily from 8 a.m. to midnight and during examination periods, it is open until 2 a.m.
The Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer disseminates information for students with disabilities, which
includes accessibility and contacts for each library. Access to the facilities is available through official ADA–compliant
entrances. The library staff assists students with disabilities in accessing library resources and using special machinery.
Through the Library’s services and resources for students affiliated with the School of Continuing and Professional
Studies, the University Library complies with all national guidelines to provide comparable resources and services to
students and faculty outside the Charlottesville region. A Librarian dedicated to this constituency is available via
telephone and on-line she also travels to distant locations in the State to insure appropriate services are available.
Information and a Guide to Library Services for the Off-Grounds Students at the University of Virginia are available on
the Library’s web site.
The Interlibrary Services Department provides access to materials not owned by the University. For the 2004 fiscal
year, the University borrowed 27,702 items (loaned 41,656 items). The Library Express on Grounds delivery service
delivers all internal and external faculty requested materials directly to their departmental mailboxes, desktops or
teaching assistants.
6. Other Learning/Information Resources
In addition to library collections, the University supports student and faculty access and user privileges to other
learning/information resources consistent with the degrees offered.
All members of the University of Virginia community are granted accounts for the general-use computing resources
managed by the Department of Information Technology and Communication (ITC), including Central Mail Service
(electronic mail systems), Blue Unix/Home Directory (file storage, personal web space), Netbadge (MyUVa portal,
WebMail, and Network Registration), ESERVICES (lab and library access) and Instructional Toolkit (Class homepages).
ITC provides and maintains the network infrastructure to allow users access to University resources and the Internet.
Virtually all University offices are linked to the Internet and each residence hall room includes a port to accommodate
each student. ITC provides detailed configuration information for connecting students’ computers to the University
See Comprehensive Standard 3.4.14 for additional information about the University's uses of information technologies
to advance teaching, learning, and research.
See Comprehensive Standards 3.8.1, 3.8.2, and 3.8.3 for more information about the University libraries.
See Core Requirement 2.10 for a discussion of student support services and Comprehensive Standard 3.4.9 for a
discussion of academic support services.
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Comprehensive Standard 3.4.14
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Comprehensive Standard 3.8.2
Comprehensive Standard 3.8.3
Core Requirement 2.10
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