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Library Assessment Plan—Goal 3 Objective 3
Library Assessment Plan, Goals, Howard University
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Library Assessment Plan—Goal 3
Department/School/Administrative Unit University Libraries
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Program Title and Degree (if applicable)
GOAL 3: APPROPRIATE ENVIRONMENT --Presentation and exchange of knowledge and ideas are
facilitated by appropriate spaces
Intended Educational (Student), Research or Service Outcomes, Administrative Objectives or Expected Results (In this section,
clearly articulate the expected results related to each goal. Try to make the objectives results-oriented). It is best to specify the objectives for
each goal--e.g., Goal 1 may have two objectives labeled as Objective 1a and Objective 1b)
OBJECTIVE 3: Patrons will experience an inviting, safe, secure and resourceful environment that nurtures
creative thinking, productivity and intellectual fulfillment (Satisfaction)
Performance Criteria/Indicators for Success
Contrasting venues for study and reflection ranging from wide open rooms, smart presentation rooms, and small, intimate
Easy to retrieve books from library shelves that are well maintained and uncrowded
Clean, well-maintained, fully functioning ergonomic equipment and furniture
Sufficient stack space for existing collections and growth
Adequate study space for individuals, groups, and visiting scholars
Adequate space for readers and staff
Adequate environmental control
Conformity to ADA standards
Security and safety incidents minimized or eliminated.
Performance Activities
Provide free and equal access to all patrons per American Library Association's guidelines
Provide special terminals, materials and aids for the physically challenged
Provide expanded access to facilities in off-peak hours
Provide a diversity of seating and study options
Creating spaces for quiet study and contemplation, and relaxation
Provide clear and appropriate signage
Methods of Assessment
Survey to assess satisfaction levels of different categories of users
Use of Findings
Revise policies and procedures
Update resources or get new equipment
Adjust staffing patterns to ensure adequate coverage to meet specialized needs of users
Feedback Channel and Assessment Timeline
Library-faculty assessment committee
Library administrators
University Assessment Committee
University administrators
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