SPEC Kit 330: Library Contribution to Accreditation  · 117
Brigham Young University
Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). Library and Information Resources 5
Under the guidance of the process improvement specialist, the libraries conduct
evaluations of work processes, including acquisitions, cataloging, and access services. Work
flow was changed to ensure more rapid processing of books for students and faculty. The
libraries have also established procedures for monitoring collection growth, evaluated alternative
cataloging methods, studied space needs, reviewed the role of subject librarians, and analyzed
reference service. There has been increased emphasis on subject librarian outreach and, through
attrition and repurposing of positions, the number of subject librarians who interact directly with
the university community is being increased.
BYU libraries have developed a strong culture of assessment, now integral to their
organizational structure. They continue to assess programs and services through a variety of
measurement tools that are both locally developed and nationally validated.
Challenges and Recommendations
Although the libraries have made significant strides in creating a culture of assessment, there is
still room for improvement in several arenas:
Establish procedures to collect standardized data on usage of electronic resources.
Conduct collection assessments on a regular basis to ensure that the libraries are building
collections appropriate to university needs.
Monitor existing data regularly and incorporate data review more deeply into decision
making processes.
Information Services
Strong reference, information literacy, circulation, and ILL programs.
A new Information Commons to support collaborative student-centered learning.
Information Resources
Strong collections that support curricular and research programs.
Consistently strong institutional budgetary support.
Endowments to fund Special Collections acquisitions and digital reformatting programs.
Contributions to national authorities databases and compliance with international cataloging
Facilities and Access
Superb facilities that receive intensive use and consistently high ratings in LibQUAL+
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