48 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Summary of instruction evaluations.
Usability testing.
We conduct, and report on, regular surveys to assess the satisfaction of students and faculty with our services, facilities,
and resources.
Please enter any additional comments about library data your institution reports for accreditation
purposes. N=4
The above represent data that has been reported to accreditation bodies not all of the categories are reported to any
one accreditation body.
Unless the accrediting agency asks very specific questions, we write a narrative that highlights what we offer the
program in terms of: collections (normally only in round numbers) staffing (normally only the number and qualifications
of reference librarians, and highlighting any special qualifications of the appropriate subject librarian) the reference,
instruction, and collection development services that we offer (but we normally do not report numbers of these
transactions). The financial data is normally round numbers related to collection expenditures and overall library budget,
unless more specific information is required. We tend to be more detailed in our description of library facilities and
services that demonstrate strong support for students, including the amount of study space available in the building,
the number of hours we are open, the general services we offer around the clock, off-campus access to ejournals and
We also used and reported on data from our Library Balanced Scorecard.
We collect qualitative data to improve services. The data are not collected for the purposes of, or to report for,
accreditation purposes.
Assessment Management System
19. Does your institution use an online assessment management system(s) to document assessment,
ongoing improvement, and quality enhancement plans? N=38
Yes 14 37%
No 24 63%
If yes, please indicate the online assessment management system(s) used. Check all that apply.
System developed in-house 8 57%
WEAVEonline 3 21%
StudentVoice 2 14%
CollegeNet 1 7%
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