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Library Assessment Plan—Goal 1 Objective 1b
Library Assessment Plan, Goals, Howard University
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HUL HOME Assessment Goals & Objectives
Library Assessment Plan—Goal 1
Objectives: 1a | 1b | 1c
Department/School/Administrative Unit: University Libraries
Submitted by: Academic Year
Program Title and Degree (if applicable)
GOAL 1: ACCESS TO INFORMATION -- Patrons informational needs for education, research and service
are fully met
Intended Educational (Student), Research or Service Outcomes, Administrative Objectives or Expected Results (In this section,
clearly articulate the expected results related to each goal. Try to make the objectives results-oriented). It is best to specify the objectives for
each goal--e.g..., Goal 1 may have two objectives labeled as Objective 1a and Objective 1b)
OBJECTIVE 1b: Patrons use high performance technologies to locate the information they need, regardless
of format, time, or location
Performance Criteria/Indicators for Success
OPAC usability; information accuracy and currency
Website usability; information accuracy and currency
Public-domain workstation availability, accessibility, age, maintenance
Print service readiness
Network availability (sub-networks)
Network server availability
Technology user problem-tracking effectiveness
Performance Activities--Criteria (CR) and Achievement Targets (AT)
OPAC usability
CR= Easy, intuitive navigation; information is accurate and current; iii Millennium is current version
AT= Common interface; pleasant design; optimal page load; 98% links effectiveness
Website usability:
CR= Easy, intuitive navigation; information is accurate and current; authenticated full access to restricted resources
AT= Common interface; pleasant design; optimal page load; specialized easy-link subject lists; 98% link effectiveness
Published information currency:
CR= Continuing scrutiny, excluding archives
AT= 90% of documents to have last-reviewed date no earlier than 1 year
Public-access workstation availability of use:
CR= Throughout core working hours
AT= 98% availability, in workstation-hours, over a rolling quarter
Public-access workstation accessibility
AT=At least 1 workstation fitted with adaptive technologies
Public-access workstation maintenance:
CR= Repair/replacement w/in 2 working days of diagnosis
AT= 95% of jobs completed within specified time
Public-access workstation age profile:
CR= Retire machine from service by 4th anniversary
AT= 75% of public-access machines have a commissioning date no earlier than 4 years
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