152 · Representative Documents: Regional Accrediting Agency Reports
Texas A&M University
SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation. Comprehensive Standard 3.8.1
Section 3: Comprehensive Standards Standard 3.8.1, Page 4
information. Since its beginning in 2001, LibQUAL+® has been taken by 1.2 million
respondents from 1,200 libraries in 20 language versions throughout the world.
The following table presents response ratings given to the library as a place of study in the 2010
MSL LibQUAL+® survey of TAM HSC student users. Results for the TAM HSC faculty were
all above 100%, indicating that library facilities meet or exceed HSC faculty needs. TAM HSC
students were very satisfied with library facilities a score of 50% or greater is considered very
Table 2010 LibQUAL+® Library as a Place of Study
Environment Group Study
Quiet Study
Library space
that inspires
study and
A comfortable
and inviting
A getaway for
study, learning
and research
Space for
group learning
and group
Quiet space for
HSC Students 67% 64% 64% 88% 81%
Table How to Read Adequacy Gap Ratio (AGR) Results
AGR Description/determination
AGR 100% Services/resources exceed user needs/expectations
0% AGR 100%
Services/resources meet user needs/expectations
The greater the score, within this range, the more closely the service/resource
meets a user’s perception of an ideal resource or delivery.
AGR 0% Services/resources do not meet user needs/expectations
The following graphic, using the Wordle™ software, displays most prevalent words found in
user comments from the 2010 MSL LibQUAL+® survey of TAM HSC comments on the library
as a place of study.
Figure 2010 MSL LibQUAL+® Library as a Place of Study Comments
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