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Architecture Library Accreditation Report August 2010
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worked for several years at a local community college library.
Contract Position (FT, 2 year limit):
Provides circulation assistance
Processes new books and journals for addition to the collection
Processes materials for hold and ILL requests
Makes basic book repairs
Prepares books and journals for binding
This is a trial position that was extended from one year to two. It ends August 2011.
Casual Staff (PT, 15 term limit)
Provide circulation assistance, particularly evenings and weekends
Reshelve books and journals
Shelf read and maintain the book stacks in good order
Musagetes Library employs three casual staff currently.
If the current staff complement is maintained, we can continue our current hours of operation and offer adequate
circulation, reference, and GIS service to support the architecture curriculum.
Information Services
Reference Service is available in person, by e-mail, telephone or through an on-line chat service located from the
Musagetes Library homepage. Reference hours and GIS assistance are generally 9 am 5 pm weekdays
dependent upon the schedules of the Branch Head and the Library Associate.
The Branch Head and Library Associate work with faculty members to help students develop the information
competencies that are vital for lifelong learning. In consultation with faculty, they develop and conduct class
specific information literacy sessions for undergraduate and graduate students. Lectures, hands-on-instruction,
and web pages support these activities.
Library staff reach out to students and try to bring them into the library with new book displays, contests, a fall
open house featuring activities, draws, and snacks, and a Christmas craft corner. We communicate with them
through the Musagetes Library blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed (we have more followers than the large
campus libraries). In turn, the library has recently hosted displays of student work. Last year, library staff
participated in critiquing a second year project based on our library and accompanied another class on a field trip.
3. Facilities and Equipment
Musagetes Library is a warm, inviting space featuring scenic views of the Grand River through its large glass
windows. Undergraduate studios and grad and faculty offices are steps away. The library has a seating capacity of
over 60, spread amongst tatami mat window seats, oversize comfy chairs, group study tables, and individual
study areas. Computer workstations, situated opposite the public services desk, and tables near the Reference
collection, create an area in which students can search the library catalogue, consult with library staff, or talk
amongst themselves without worrying about noise levels. Corner window areas hold comfy chairs for relaxing and
sleeping when required.
The north wing of the library holds the book stacks. In response to student requests, labeling on each range
identifies not only what call numbers are shelved there but also the subject areas covered. Students find browsing
much easier with this system in place. This summer, the entire collection is being shifted with the bottom shelf of
each range used to hold books for the first time. Around eleven inches of growth space per shelf is being left.
This move should accommodate regular yearly growth for the next five years.
Since the last accreditation visit, the seminar room has been upgraded. It now has whiteboards, pin-up boards,
and a digital projector that can be used to watch movies from the student film collection or to give presentations.
It is now booked on a regular basis by students and faculty. When funding allows, future upgrades include the
replacement of the large table and wooden chairs with more versatile and comfortable office furniture.
Other furnishings needed include individual task lights along the perimeter seating areas of the stacks, a high
quality scanner for student and staff use, plus two, more powerful GIS workstations with larger monitors.
Students love Musagetes Architecture Library at least according to a prize-winning song, student comments to
staff, and a recent message on a library blackboard. They find the library environment a place of respite from the
stress of studio and coursework.
4. Acquisitions and Financial Support
Architecture Book Acquisitions:
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