SPEC Kit 330: Library Contribution to Accreditation · 43
Library Staff Participation in the Accreditation Process
14. Please indicate which library position(s) or group(s) participated in the accreditation process.
Check all that apply. N=31
Associate director 17 55%
Library director 15 48%
Deputy director 3 10%
An ad hoc library committee/task force 3 10%
A standing library committee/task force 2 7%
Assessment Coordinator 1 3%
Other individual or group 23 74%
If a standing committee participated, please specify the committee and the number of members.
University Council Committee on Research Activities and Libraries. Membership of 8: 4 faculty and 4 administrators.
University Librarian’s Cabinet, 13 members.
If an ad hoc committee participated, please specify the committee and the number of members.
Architecture Library Committee (6 members).
Two ADs participated in preparing the report. One AD met with the on-campus committee.
University Accreditation Steering Committee Standard 5 sub-committee (11 members).
If another individual or group participated, please specify the individual or group and the number
of group members. N=22
A committee included member from outside the library, two library dean and one deputy director plus a member of the
faculty, and a member of the university program committee, so the committee consisted of five.
Assistant University Librarian for Organizational Development (who was our ARL statistics compiler) provided statistical
data. The Head of Reference &Instructional Services provided text concerning assessment, information literacy, etc.
Collection Management Librarians and Subject Librarians.
Director for Planning and Research (SACS) Collection Management personnel and branch librarians (programmatic).
Engineering Librarian.
Group consisting of subject specialist, bibliographer and library data analyst.
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