110 · Representative Documents: Regional Accrediting Agency Reports
Brigham Young University
Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). Library and Information Resources 5
The libraries provide a large number of computer workstations in a variety of configurations
and maintains both wired and wireless connectivity through most public areas of the
Challenges and Recommendations
Continue to remodel and equip public areas to meet the growing demand for technology
enhanced, collaborative learning spaces.
Update strategic plan for managing collection growth and find solutions to the space crisis
into the future.
Plan multiple approaches to address space needs, including judicious weeding of paper
journals for which digital copies are available and shelving of infrequently used materials in
a dense storage facility remote from campus.
5.D Personnel and Management
BYU libraries enjoy unusually strong support from university administration in funding
library collections and services. Library personnel are highly qualified professionals committed
to service and excellence. In recent years the libraries have repurposed numerous positions to
accommodate evolving personnel needs.
Library Personnel Resources
The Lee Library currently employs 118 FTE faculty and other professionals, 57 FTE
support staff, and 215 FTE student employees. One full-time development officer from LDS
Philanthropies is dedicated to fund-raising on behalf of the library. University Police assign one
full-time police officer and 35 student employees to maintain security in the library. The
Physical Plant allocates five full-time custodial managers and 40 student custodians to the
The Lee Library’s strong cadre of professional employees and support staff is dedicated
to providing the highest quality collections and services. Students benefit directly from the 66
FTE in Public Services who provide research assistance and instruction. The 47 FTE in
Technical Services and Collection Development acquire and organize library collections, with an
additional 26 FTE providing similar services in Special Collections. There are 13 FTE in the
systems support group and 13 FTE associated with administration. These numbers are
supplemented by a large number of students employed in the Lee Library.
ARL rankings, as shown in table 5.4, highlight BYU’s practice of employing large
numbers of student employees who assume responsibilities that other libraries typically assign to
full-time support staff. Though student employees are well trained and function adequately in all
areas of the library, frequent turnover presents a training challenge in maintaining quality library
The Hunter Library employs 9 faculty, 2 administrative, 3 staff, and 55 student
employees who fulfill multiple functions. Again, a larger-than-usual number of student
employees supplement and assist the efforts of full-time employees.
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