SPEC Kit 330: Library Contribution to Accreditation · 31
Programmatic Accrediting Agencies N=20
ABET no longer asks a series of detailed questions about library resources. When we wrote our report for this review
cycle, the ABET criteria document simply stated: “The library services and the computing and information infrastructure
must be adequate to support the scholarly and professional activities of the students and faculty.” We wrote a two-
page narrative highlighting our collections, services, and facilities.
They were pleased with the information we provided and they had no recommendations for us.
Data related to library technology, collections, services, space, and instruction.
No recommendations.
Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
Allocations and expenditures for books, periodicals, and databases (total and what is in support of the program). List of
reference works and databases supporting the program. List of newspapers, magazines and periodicals supporting the
program. Usage statistics for the above.
None to date.
American Association of Colleges of Nursing (CCNE)
II.B. Academic support services are sufficient to ensure quality and are evaluated on a regular basis to meet program
and student needs.
No library recommendations provided.
American Board of Funeral Service Education
Number of monographs related to funeral service management, death &dying, grief, mortuary science. Tour of facility.
Not applicable.
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