166 · Representative Documents: Regional Accrediting Agency Reports
Texas A&M University
SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation. Comprehensive Standard 3.8.3
Section 3: Comprehensive Standards Standard 3.8.3, Page 3
annual budget is $80,000 [Guidelines for Personnel Development Funds]. The TAMUL
Mclemore Educational Opportunity Scholarships are available to faculty and staff who wish to
pursue graduate degrees. Since the inception of this scholarship program faculty and staff
members from the TAMUL have completed 15 masters and 3 doctoral degrees, and the program
is currently supporting 15 staff and faculty in degree programs [Educational Opportunity for
Faculty and Staff of Texas A&M University Libraries]. The TAMUL also provides numerous
opportunities for in-house and on campus skill enhancement, ranging from technology upgrade
sessions to training in supervision and management. During the 2009 and 2010 academic years
TAMUL administration brought trainers from the Disney Institute onsite to conduct sessions on
customer service for all faculty and staff. During the 2010 and 2011 academic years the
TAMUL Employee Services manager is engaged in a year-long project to conduct a series of
Arbinger Institute workshops on improving interpersonal communications for all faculty and
MSL librarians have partnered with faculty throughout the TAM HSC to deliver curricula in
information management, interprofessional informatics and evidence-based practice. MSL
librarian expertise has combined with input from TAM HSC faculty and staff to build relevant
collections of information resources and to assess their ongoing relevance. MSL librarians are
active professionally at regional, national and international levels.
The MSL uses the LibQUAL+® survey to assess the effectiveness of its information and service
efforts. LibQUAL+® is a user centered survey that asks respondents to rate a library’s
performance in three areas: Customer Service, Information Resources/Delivery and the Library
as a Place of Study. In addition, the survey asks for demographic, library usage and satisfaction
information. Since its beginning in 2001, LibQUAL+® has been taken by 1.2 million
respondents from 1,200 libraries in 20 language versions throughout the world.
The LibQUAL+® survey questions on Customer Service as well as 4 of the 7 satisfaction
questions are used to rate the efficacy of the library’s staff and their efforts. Results from 2010,
which are given in Table, indicate that the library’s users, both students and faculty, are
very satisfied with the personnel and the services that the MSL provides.
Table 2010 MSL LibQUAL+® Satisfaction Question Results
Library aid in
of academic
discipline or
with library
Satisfaction for
library support
of learning,
research &
teaching needs
Rating of
overall service
provided by
the library
Students 82% 87% 82% 84%
Faculty 84% 86% 82% 85%
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