SPEC Kit 330: Library Contribution to Accreditation · 79
University of Calgary
American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Standard 5: Library and Information Resources (October
The Health Sciences Library is undergoing a major renovation, with improvements in study
space, more wired, bookable meeting rooms, and more public computers, for a total of 80 public
Support for faculty and students is provided not only by the veterinary medicine librarian,
but by 16.2 FTE Health Sciences Library staff. The veterinary medicine librarian is a member of
the UCVM Curriculum Committee, and works with this committee, the Associate Dean,
Curriculum, and the coordinators of the UCVM professional skills course to incorporate formal
veterinary informatics (the lifelong learning skill set of information literacy) instruction into all
years of the undergraduate curriculum.
5.4. Describe current plans for improvement
The library is undergoing a renovation that will make it more user friendly. The renovation
will increase the number of small group rooms and work stations. Expansion of the collection
with new material relevant to expanding program is an on-going process.
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