120  ·  Representative Documents:  Regional Accrediting Agency Reports
Brigham Young University
Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). Library and Information Resources 5
ILL Journal Requests
Circulation Reports and Charts
Periodicals Cost per Use for 2004
PAA Survey Question 9
Exhibit #6—Hunter Law Library
RE 5.7 Number and Assignments of Staff
Rank and Advancement
Exhibit #7—Hunter Law Library
RE 5.8 Library and Information Resources Reporting Structure
Exhibit #8—Hunter Law Library
Lee Library Organization Charts
OIT Organization Charts
RE 5.9 Lee Library Budget for 2005
Exhibit #9—Hunter Law Library
RE 5.10 Faculty Vitae
Administrative Personnel Vitae
Exhibit #10—Hunter Law Library
RE 5.11 Association and Consortia
ILL Reciprocal Agreements
Exhibit #11—Hunter Law Library
RE 5.12 Electronic Course Reserve
Web Site Usage Stats—Guides and Resources
Electronic Database Usage Statistics
Web Site Usage Statistics
RE 5.13 Computer Labs
Laptop Help
Printing and Wireless Access Information
RE 5.14 Web Usability Study
WOREP Spring 2005
2003 Internal Review Self-Assessment Document
Exhibit #12—Hunter Law Library
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