SPEC Kit 330: Library Contribution to Accreditation  · 89
Oklahoma State University
Library Report for American Medical Association Accreditation Review
Association of Health Information Professionals (AHIP), 2008, Distinguished
21.5.3: Availability of learning resources support for faculty and students, including
Remote Access to Resources:
Remote access to OSU Library resources for the authorized OSU population is available
24/7 for off-campus use. Authentication is through the unified university O-Key login
Customized Services
OSU Libraries provides Endnote and Reference Manager software for all authorized
OSU population. The VML provides custom training and assistance in this software. The VML
also provides custom instructions for downloading citations from PubMed. A customized
PubMed presence is available that links to OSU online journals, most at article level using NCBI
Outside Tool at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez?otool=okstlib
Access to VML Personnel and Facilities
On-site access is available in 102 McElroy Hall. Budget strain and use analysis have led
library to decrease hours of operation from 93/week to 79.5/week during the regular semester
since last self-study. This was accomplished by opening later and closing earlier Mon-Fri and
Sunday. Access to copiers had determined the previous opening time (7:30 am, before 8am
classes begin. The change to a later opening time (8:30 am) was justified by an increase in
availability of copiers elsewhere in CVHS, building wide Internet access, increase in DVM
student laptop ownership and use, and an increase in library resources provided online. The
decision to close earlier was driven by use statistics. Overall, the VML schedule is tailored to
the schedule of the college as a whole, including the BVMTH and OADDL. The VML operates
on an extended schedule during finals weeks. Staffing during this extended schedule is
supported by contributions from SCAVMA, demonstrating a strong commitment from the CVHS
year 1-3 DVM students.
Reference Service:
In response to one of the last self-study recommendations: remote reference service
during VML operating hours has been expanded to include Instant Messaging. Additionally,
Chat reference is available during select hours through ELL. Frequently used services include
on demand instruction, debugging incorrectly cited references, facilitating unusual Interlibrary
Loan requests, referring reference questions not covered by the scope of VML (gov docs,
humanities, quotes, statistics)
21.5.4: Current plans for improvement
Instruction and Outreach:
Investigate adding a series of short seminars for house officers about services and
resources they, in particular, could benefit from using
Investigate adding series of in library short seminars to raise awareness and
Investigate providing assistance and instruction outside the physical library at select
location in the CVHS. For example, sessions could be scheduled at OADDL, the
BVMTH, student lounges, and other locations suggested by CVHS patrons.
Study lessons learned from participating in the CABI Publishing / Pfizer project to
provide access to VetMed Resource to alumni from 2007-2009
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