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Comprehensive Standards 3.8.2 Access to Instruction
Comprehensive Standards, Institutional Accreditation, U.Va.
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Arts and Sciences Center for Instructional Technology (ASCIT)
ASCIT supports the use of technology in teaching in the College of Arts and Sciences. ASCIT provides comprehensive
consultation services with faculty on creative ways to enhance classroom instruction with technology using several
easy-to-use Web-based tools.
Core Requirement 2.9
Balanced Scorecard User Perspective 2.0
Library Orientation and Tour Contacts
Research Tutorials
Education Opportunities
Short Courses
Geospatial and Statistical Data Center Instructional Support
Finding Aids
Information for Medical Students
Ask a Librarian
Searching the Internet
Email Reference Site and a Real-Time Reference
Electronic Reference Desk
Paper Clinic
Comprehensive Standard 3.4.14
Research Computing Support Center
Academic Computing for Health Sciences
Arts and Sciences Center for Instructional Technology -link to live site
Comprehensive Standards Home
Institutional Accrediation
Booker House
P.O. Box 400308
Charlottesville, VA
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