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Iowa State University
American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). 21.5. Library and Information Resources
information about finding resources for grand rounds presentations. The presentation was
recorded and is available in WebCT.
The veterinary medical librarian has also created a number of online guides that are included on
the ISUCVM’s library homepage. These guides include: information about library resources, a
listing of books that are on reserve for ISUCVM courses, and a listing of resources available for
use in studying for the board exam.
The Veterinary Medical Library’s environment for learning and research has been improved in a
number of ways. Since all DVM students have a laptop, the library removed four public
computers and added tables/chairs in the group study area of the library. Additional electrical
outlets have been installed throughout the library. All of the lights were replaced with energy
efficient bulbs the new lights are much brighter. A public scanner was also added to the library.
Library users can scan articles free of charge and can either email the PDF file or save it to a
USB drive.
21.5.4 Access to library information resources for faculty and students when they are on
and off campus. The online resources (e.g. electronic books and journals, article databases) are
available on and off-campus. When off-campus, library users can access these resources with
their ISU identification number and a library PIN number. The online resources are also
available to the DVM students who are attending classes at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Vet Med Express is a free delivery service for obtaining books and journals between the main
library and the Veterinary Medical Library. It continues to be a very popular service for students
and faculty, for requesting materials not held by the veterinary medical library, such as older
journals and books, and for subjects that may be out of scope for the veterinary medical library.
Requests are made directly by the library user, via an electronic form at the library website.
Items are retrieved from the main library or the library storage building and delivered to the
Veterinary Medical Library.
21.5.5 Current plans for improvement. Journal subscriptions will continue to be switched by
the library from print to electronic format where practical and economically feasible, in order to
provide students, faculty, and staff with remote, desktop access to full-text articles. The
veterinary medical librarian is also interested in developing and providing more instructional
sessions for CVM students, faculty, and staff.
Submitted 9/28/2010
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