44 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Head Librarian, subject librarians, and Assistant to the Director of Libraries worked on the report. The Head Librarian
and the subject librarians participated for the visit.
Head, Veterinary Medicine Library.
Health Sciences Information Management Librarian (Liaison to School of Nursing).
Instructional Services Coordinator.
Liaison library participated in the review.
Librarian assigned architecture subject responsibilities.
Librarian, Veterinary Medicine.
Library Liaison to the department.
Planning and Promotions Librarian.
Special Projects Manager (reporting to the Deputy University Librarian).
Subject librarian for Journalism and Mass Communication.
Subject librarian for which a specific discipline for which the accrediting agency is conducting a review. Library
department head.
Subject specialists participate, as appropriate to the program accreditation process.
The liaison librarian responsible for the program and his department head.
The library had a number of staff involved in campus-wide working groups formed to respond to specific research
questions posed by the Middle States Reaccreditation Steering Committee. Staff involved included: Director of Planning
and Assessment, Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Resources and Services, Humanities Librarian, Research
Instruction Coordinator/Senior Reference Librarian, and Asian Studies &Linguistics Bibliographer.
The subject librarian for Veterinary Medicine (and related subject areas) was the sole library employee to participate in
this particular accreditation process.
15. Please indicate the nature of library staff involvement in the accreditation process. Check all that
apply. N=31
Director Deputy/
Ad hoc
Served on institutional accreditation
5 10 1 1 5 15
Prepared part of the institutional
8 13 2 1 19 30
Met with visiting evaluation team 14 12 1 1 13 27
Other activity 1 2 3
Number of Responses 15 18 3 1 1 22 31
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