50 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
the questions asked by the accrediting agency about library resources and services seem “out of date” with current
collection and service models.
The Libraries Dean and Associate Dean participated in the 2010 NCA University Accreditation Review. Other library
faculty have participated in previous NCA reviews. However, specific library data is not requested by NCA.
The WASC reaccreditation process began in 2006 with an institutional proposal that was accepted. Capacity and
Preparatory Review reported with approvals in 2009 the Educational Effectiveness Review was approved in 2010.
This was a challenging survey to complete because the nature of program accreditation is such that it is often completed
at the unit or librarian level, and may not even be communicated to library administration in a consistent fashion.
Likewise, it was a challenge to find a single resource at the university level that noted “all” of the bodies accrediting our
programs (below the level of institutional accreditation).
When writing the report, we look at the criteria for accreditation and try to cover all the bases as succinctly as possible.
We also work closely with the program undergoing review to be sure that we are covering everything they would like to
see. Over the past several years, we’ve seen a trend away from a lot of very detailed questions (e.g., about numbers of
volumes) to a more open-ended “describe library resources” sort of approach. When we meet with reviewers, we are
hearing slightly less emphasis on collections overall (though more emphasis on off-campus access to e-collections) and
more emphasis on facilities than in the past, e.g., questions about ample study space including availability of separate
spaces for group work and quiet study, 24-hr access to the building, adequacy of wireless service.
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