148 · Representative Documents: Regional Accrediting Agency Reports
Texas A&M University
SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation. Core Requirement 2.9
Section 2: Core Requirements Requirement 2.9, Page 11
Examples of Compliance
External benchmarking was undertaken in 2010 to provide another measure of the adequacy of
the MSL collection. The Association of Academic Health Science Libraries (AAHSL), a
consortium of 132 North American academic health sciences libraries, developed a “core list” of
electronic resources. A comparison of MSL resources available with that list for FY 2010
reveals that TAM HSC users have access to 95% of the 62 core electronic resources. TAM HSC
access available to these resources by type of resource follows:
Access to 100% of the 15 AAHSL Core eBooks
Access to 97% of the 37 AAHSL Core eJournals
Access to 80% of the 10 AAHSL Core Databases
Supporting Documentation and Evidence:
AAHSL Core Electronic Resources
Comprehensive Standard 3.8.1, Learning/Information Resources
Comprehensive Standard 3.8.2, Instruction of Library Use
Comprehensive Standard 3.8.3, Qualified Staff
Get It for Me brochure
MSL (Medical Science Library) Library Council
MSL (Medical Science Library) Outreach Data Sheet
MSL (Medical Science Library) Student Advisory Council
South Central Academic Medical Libraries Consortium—SCAMeL website
TAMU-TAM HSC (Texas A&M University -Texas A&M Health Science Center)
Intrasystem Cooperation Contract
TAMUL (Texas A&M University Libraries) and MSL (Medical Sciences Library)
Selected Collection Policy Examples
TAMUL (Texas A&M University Libraries) Statistical Snapshot
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