SPEC Kit 330: Library Contribution to Accreditation · 163
Texas A&M University
SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation. Comprehensive Standard 3.8.2
Section 3: Comprehensive Standards Standard 3.8.2, Page 7
At the end of the 14 month MSL-piloted ER HelpDesk program
o TAMUL endorsed the service and provided personnel to support the program
o A tiered response program was implemented for online resources (also piloted by
o Response times and rates of resolution decreased significantly
o TAMUL Digital Initiatives Unit implemented a new software program to
streamline the authentication process for remote users
Supporting Documentation and Evidence:
CoP Faculty Workshop flyer
CoP Information Resources Fair flyer
MSL Online Tutorials
MSL Open House
MSL Subject Guides
Syllabus: Internal Medicine Clerkship Informatics Rotation
Syllabus: SRPH 640: Public Health Informatics
TAMU-TAM HSC (Texas A&M University -Texas A&M Health Science Center)
Intrasystem Cooperation Contract
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