46 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
(National Association of Schools of Art &Design) and PAB (Planning Accreditation Board).
University Librarian served on university-wide accreditation team, which included director of Institutional Research.
Data Reported for Accreditation
17. Please indicate which of the following library data your institution reports for accreditation
purposes. Check all that apply. N=31
Collection holdings (print, online) 29 94%
Library facilities &equipment 29 94%
Financial data 25 81%
Collection usage 23 74%
Library instruction sessions 23 74%
Library staff qualifications and expertise 22 71%
Information services transactions (reference, consultations) 20 65%
Interlibrary loan transactions 18 58%
Digital projects &usage 17 55%
Qualitative data 16 52%
Scholarly Communication activities 13 42%
Other data 11 36%
Please describe the other data.
ARL rankings on specific indices key LibQUAL+® findings number of submittals to Library Undergraduate Research
Assessment data (e.g., survey results).
Computer workstations/laptops for public use Assistive technology for public use Formal collaborations, community
partnerships and consortial relationships.
Consortia holdings.
Contributed data on process improvement to institutional effectiveness.
Description of collection growth since last visit in 2009. Note: The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was established in
2005. The first class (Class of 2012) entered the program in 2008.
It depends on the agency and what they are looking for. We generally cover our collections and services including an
overall idea of spending.
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