70 Representative Documents:  Library Publishing Options
LibraryPress@UF, an Imprint of the University of Florida Press
LibraryPress@UF, an Imprint of University of
Florida Press
The University Press of Florida is the number one academic publisher in the State of Florida and is
expanding its scholarly offerings and its global reach with the inception of the University of Florida Press.
The UF Libraries are the largest information network in the State of Florida. The University of Florida
Press and Libraries both have deep expertise in digital publishing (e.g., securing rights, executing new
and innovative digital publishing activities).
With similarly aligned missions and roles that complement the other’s activities, the University of Florida
Press and UF George A. Smathers Libraries frequently collaborate to foster the creation, promotion,
access, and preservation of research and creative works, in support of teaching, research, and the public
sphere. Current collaborations include disseminating Open Access books through a sustainable system
and process, a new Mellon grant to enrich and enhance library and press collaboration, new courses and
student training opportunities (e.g., with the Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate and collaboration
with the Department of History for the graduate track in academic publishing), and the
In 2016, the Libraries and the University of Florida Press began a new collaboration on the
LibraryPress@UF, an imprint of the University of Florida Press. The LibraryPress@UF features content
that aligns with the mission and strategic directions of the Libraries, including:
Limited editions (e.g., artists’ books)
Campus specific works (e.g., books on UF history)
Books developed from the library collections (e.g., works that develop and build upon the
Libraries’ digital and physical holdings)
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