17 SPEC Kit 357: Libraries, Presses, and Publishing
The University Press of Florida (UPF) serves all of the state university system institutions. In addition,
UPF has recently launched the University of Florida Press (UFP), which is for UF alone. The UF
Libraries and UFP have launched a joint imprint, the LibraryPress@UF.
4. Do the institutional press and the library collaborate on publishing activities? N=41
Yes 28 68%
Not yet, but they will 3 7%
No 10 24%
If you answered “Not yet, but they will” above, when do you expect that to happen? N=3
In January 2018, the library and the university press will jointly publish a new edition of W.E.B. DuBois
“Souls of Black Folk.”
Within 12 months
Within the next year, we hope to establish an arrangement to work with the press and its vendors to
contract publishing services for print on demand, physical distribution, and sales of print copies. Also
within the next two years, we anticipate collaborating on a publication. The University of Illinois Press
is one of three partnering university presses on our Mellon Foundation-funded initiative “Publishing
Without Walls” (PWW). One of our key PWW project outcomes is to establish a collaboration with a
university press for at least one title that will be produced as a digital multimodal work by the library and
a print book by the press. Currently, our leading candidate is a title under consideration with University
of Illinois Press, so we anticipate that this collaboration around publishing activities will occur in the
near future. In the PWW collaboration for a publication, the Press and library press maintain separate
review processes. If an author wants to produce a digital publication with PWW and also do a traditional
monograph with the Press, they must submit their manuscript and go under review with both the
library press and institutional press. We also began collaborating with the Press on outreach activities
and workshops during this past year.
Comments N=19
Answered Yes N=16
Collaboration is situational. Our rare books library works with the press on a journal of manuscript
studies. We helped the press by digitizing copies of its publications that they didn’t own copies of, so
they could be a part of a De Gruyter ebook platform.
Direct examples of collaboration include the LibraryPress@UF, the Libraries hosting the Press Open
Access textbooks in Orange Grove Texts Plus, and collaboration on the Mellon/NEH-funded Open
Books grant.
For now, press supports journal publishing program. If that is staffed independently, press may reduce
its participation.
Grant proposals for open books
I serve on the press editorial board. We coordinate visiting speakers and book launches. The press also
partners with the library on archiving its titles.
Institutional press’ director sits on the library press’ advisory board. Institutional press co-sponsors
the library press’ journals. As part of a collaborative project, the library has digitized 762 titles from the
institutional press’ backlist and made them available as open access PDFs.
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