61 SPEC Kit 357: Libraries, Presses, and Publishing
We are actively engaged with developing digital resources and collections and OERs through the
Sustainable Heritage Network, our IR, and the activities of the CDSC. We do not have much of a formal
publishing enterprise underway.
We host OA journals on OJS; we don’t really see this as publishing. We provide instructions and set up
the instance but the editors take it from there. For OER we are still sorting out who on campus is best to
provide that service. We have hosted ETDs for many years; much of our recent activity is in expanding
the institutional repository to support open access deposit of other published outputs (e.g., postprints,
presentations, etc.) We are sometimes asked to provide an ISBN for materials published on campus or
privately printed by a university staff member. We have also provided CIP information for privately
published materials.
We weren’t sure about our answers to many of these questions. We’re in the process of starting to
support publishing services, but we don’t have an official library press. We see publishing services as a
partnership between the library and the university press.
While the library participates in some publishing activities, our organization is not structured in the
way that this survey suggests. We do not have a centralized publishing unit. The activities are diffused
throughout the library.
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