48 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
If you selected “Other source of funds” for the library’s publishing activities above, please briefly
describe it. N=2
Library acquisitions budget for software and operating budget for staff salaries. At our institution, these
two budgets are kept separate.
Support from provost to enable open access textbooks.
If you selected “Other source of funds” for the library press’ publishing activities above, please
briefly describe it. N=1
Costs may be covered by subscription fees, or membership fees for which journal subscription
is included.
27. Over the next three years, do you expect the overall funding level for publishing activities in your
library to increase, decrease, or stay about the same? N=54
Funding for Increase Decrease Stay about the same N
Library 15 2 31 48
Institutional press 4 4
Library press 5 1 9 15
Total Respondents 16 2 36 53
If you expect the funding level to increase, what is the anticipated source of the additional funds?
Additional funds through reallocation of existing funds.
All of the above sources are in play and will be developed.
Expected increase in library operating budget and potential revenue from other university sources
and APCs.
Gifts and development funds, mostly one-time increases
Hosting costs will increase. These are being paid for out of the collections budget.
Increase in publishing funds would be reallocated from other areas of Libraries’ budget, including
collections and operating.
Library operating budget and grants
Operating budget
Potential grant funding and/or requests for funding to provost’s office.
Provost’s office, donors, subscription/membership fees, grant money
Realignment of materials budget
The LibraryPress@UF is a donor development opportunity, and so funds may increase with that. Also, as
more projects and ongoing programmatic work need more ways to reach people for public scholarship,
the work of the LibraryPress@UF is all the more critical.
We expect an increase in cost recovery revenues and also expect an increase in funding due to an
internal reallocation of funds in the library.
Will grow based on repurposed positions and anticipated new support for research data.
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