54 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
34. Please briefly describe the outreach methods the library press uses to enlist/engage authors in
publishing activities. N=11
Calls for proposals, announcements in the campus news outlets, and postcard marketing
Data harvesting from institutional faculty performance systems, CV collection and processing, OA
advocacy, outreach (face-to-face faculty meetings), presentations
No proactive work yet.
Outreach is primarily through the liaison/curator librarians in relation to their collections and
connected scholar expertise for the creation of new scholarly works.
Person-to-person outreach
The Gender and Women’s Studies Librarian’s office has existing relationships and reputation and
directly contacts potential authors via email.
This is really handled by the editors of the journals.
We don’t actively advertise library press activities. The things we have published have come to our
attention through the university press or through people using Espresso Book Machine services.
We give presentations to departments around campus and at conferences to national/international
audiences of scholars, librarians. Our primary outreach efforts have focused on our Mellon-funded
“Publishing Without Walls” initiative, and recruitment of authors for that project.
We occasionally have a booth at scholarly society meetings that publish with us.
Word of mouth, speaking at conferences, open access week events and activities, faculty and student
outreach within academic departments, web content promoting of services, social media (twitter
and Facebook)
35. Has your library conducted any assessment of your publishing activities? N=56
Yes 24 43%
No 32 57%
If yes, please indicate the reason for/purpose of the assessment. Check all that apply. N=24
Improve existing services 21 88%
Evaluate adding new services 18 75%
Enhance stakeholder support 11 46%
Evaluate workforce roles 5 21%
Introduction of new publishing format 5 21%
Funding requirement 4 17%
Evaluate workforce competencies 4 17%
Introduction of new publishing subject area 4 17%
Determine viability of cost recovery 3 13%
Evaluate workforce climate 2 8%
Evaluate workforce diversity 1 4%
Other reason/purpose 4 17%
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