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Omeka Project Memorandum of Understanding
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V. University of Houston Libraries Responsibilities under this MOU
a. Technical Support
i. The Library is responsible for back-end technical support, system and content
back-ups, data and content storage, and limited user support.
b. User Support
i. The Library will provide in person consultations, training materials, and limited
user support. Library personnel will provide up to five consultations and/or
training sessions. Provision of additional support beyond the stipulated number
of interactions, will be predicated on staff assessment of need and a mutually
agreed amendment to the MOU.
c. Content retention
i. All content will remain on UH Libraries’ servers until the end of the project or
subsequent iterations of the same project
VI. Contingencies
a. Service Availability
i. Availability of the [PROJECT NAME] may be interrupted for maintenance and
other updates and is provided on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis only.
1. In the event that maintenance or updates cause service interruption,
the project partners will be given an advanced notice of 24 hours with
the details about the service changes and duration of service
b. Changes or Amendments
i. MOU may be amended on an as needed basis.
ii. Amendments or changes to the provisions of the [PROJECT NAME] and this
Memorandum of Understanding must be reviewed and approved by all
signatories and relevant parties. The project partners will be given an advanced
notice of any changes or amendments made to the memorandum of
VII. Effective Date and Signature
This MOU shall be effective upon the signature of [PROJECT PARTNER NAME] and a Lisa
German, Dean of Libraries. It shall be in force from [PROJECT START DATE] to [PROJECT END
DATE]. [PROJECT PARTNER NAME] and the Libraries indicate agreement with this MOU by
their signatures.
Lisa German, Dean of Libraries [NAME], Project Partner
Date Date
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