42 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
New librarian position was created last year to lead the creation of an OA journal publishing service.
The 1 FTE position that supports digital publishing full-time was created because the organization
wanted somebody to lead these services and support collaboration between the university press and
the library.
The library wanted to offer scholarly communications services following the needs of its users. The
scholarly communications librarian has worked full-time on the institutional repository project since
the beginning, so there hasn’t been time to develop publishing or publishing support services. Now that
the repository is launched, there is a journal hosting project underway.
The LibraryPress@UF is a new joint imprint of the UF Press and the Libraries. The position was created
in recognition of the need for more support for ongoing increases in collaborative opportunities and
work, and with additional skills in project management and publishing needed.
The scholarly communication position was a new position when we first started to do this. The skills
and responsibilities were developed along the way. Converting Word to XML, editing XML, registering
DOIs, submitting content to indexes and abstracting services.
We created the Espresso Book Machine Coordinator position and this person does all of the “library
imprint” related activities. We eventually expect the EBM to go away and this person will facilitate print
& online publication using other modalities.
We created the position of Digital Publishing Librarian to act as a service manager for the institutional
repository and the publishing service for journals and conference proceedings. This position involves a
mix of library technology skills and outreach. Public speaking skills and knowledge of open access, data
curation, copyright, repository systems, metadata, and organizational structure of research universities
are required.
We did not have anyone overseeing DSpace and OJS and wanted to provide forward thinking planning
and promotion as well as consolidating the services. We are also doing a pilot for content mediation for
our institutional repository using an MLIS intern.
We have a new Institutional Repository Librarian.
Yes, we created the original three-person UO Communications team now assigned to us from central
administration via an MOU, but these positions were moved to central administration, as were all
academic communications teams, due to a university-wide centralization initiative.
Created and Reconfigured Positions N=8
Legal and copyright expertise, data publishing expertise, OER expertise, open access
publishing expertise
OA advocacy/outreach, OAJ publishing expertise, on-campus faculty engagement/consultation,
marketing, design, editorial, project management (outsourcing to/through vendors)
Publishing experience, copyright ,and open access knowledge
Scanning and metadata creation, some knowledge of IT
The Digital Publishing Specialist and Research Programmer positions were created because distinct
specialized skills in digital publishing, design, and technical production were identified as key need for
the publishing services being offered.
The former position encompassed a much larger portfolio including management of the institutional
repository and scholarly communications as a whole. Demand in the area required the portfolio be
split up into separate positions. Positions related to digital initiatives and digital scholarship are new
positions based on demand.
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