18 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
It is not a robust collaboration. If someone approaches the press with a project that they aren’t
interested in, that is, won’t sell enough copies to be profitable, the press will refer the person to us.
Under our imprint, we will consider publishing a work created by our university faculty that will be of
intellectual benefit but is unlikely to be of interest to any commercial publisher. We have also negotiated
digital hosting and distribution rights to Turfgrass-related monographs, but we host and distribute them
as datasets, not as a unified whole.
Syracuse Unbound imprint: public journal. Other general projects in development: rights
and permissions.
The Center for Digital Research in the Humanities coordinates with the press.
The library and press have done a few books together; the dean of libraries serves on the NUP editorial
board; and we have collaborated on discussions related to digital platforms and related issues. Upcoming
(6 months to a year) projects include: companion websites for new publications, the library repository
will host media and data content for press books, and adding reformatted out-of-print titles to the
institutional repository.
The library hosts ancillary materials for university press publications on the institutional repository.
The library provides funding for four new monographs per year to be published as open access. The
university librarian sits on the management board of the press, while the AUL Collections sits on
the editorial board and is series editor for a new series called Perspectives on Open Access. There is
collaboration to ensure deposit of press titles in our institutional repository.
We are co-funding a editorial position that will focus on publishing opportunities from within the
library’s collections. We are helping the press digitize its backlist so that they can be added to the JSTOR
book collection.
We are one and the same = we collaborate on all publishing activities.
We are preparing for different processes of publishing: TTU Press, low cost educational resources with
press imprint and open access publishing solely through the library. Right now we all communicate and
offer separate services, but we are planning the press imprint workflow.
We have a longstanding, collaborative relationship with our press.
Answered No N=2
Not formally, though we do communicate about major initiatives.
We have a collection in our IR with GU Press books, and we collaborate with the GU press staff on
projects, but we do not really collaborate on the “publishing activities.”
Other N=1
The institutional press is the library’s digital press. Currently, our digital repository uploads historical
publications and collaborates with academic departments to put up publications not published through
the digital repository. There is only one journal published through the digital press at this time.
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