97 SPEC Kit 357: Libraries, Presses, and Publishing
LibraryPress@UF Coordinator
The Foundation for The Gator Nation
An Equal Opportunity Institution
Collaborates with librarians and authors on production of LibraryPress@UF publications
Collaborates with the UF Press, scholars, liaison librarians, and Digital Production Services for
developing enhanced monographs with the UF Press that simultaneously support collection development
in the Libraries
Collaborates with Digital Production Services to ensure support for ongoing publishing programs and
initiatives, including textbooks for Orange Grove Texts Plus
Collaborates on publications with the LibraryPress@UF that promote and further the goals for library
Liaises with author/creators on rights and permissions needed for new works
Liaises with Digital Production Services for new publication needs including ePUB and other formats,
supporting the development and planning transition to ongoing operations as appropriate new
technologies and processes are identified
Supports potential new authors in completing the Publication Information Sheet, describing the content
and the format of the work to be published; coordinates reports and materials for review by the Editor-in-
Chief and Directors of the LibraryPress@UF
Assessment and Reporting
Collaborates and coordinates a rigorous program of tracking and assessment for production and program
activities, working with the Libraries and UF Press for ongoing development of the LibraryPress@UF
Collaborates to develop integrated workflows, promotion plans, and measures and methods for tracking
and assessment of all activities
Creates and maintains documentation on all author/creator agreements, production status of new
publications, and workflow documentation for future optimization and integration
Collaboratively develops reports and supports activities in relation journals with OJS as used by the
Libraries and for future opportunities in collaboration with the UF Press
Stays current in best practices for digital scholarly publishing and is familiar with a wide variety of
academic projects and programs across the nation and world
Promotion, Digital Scholarship & Publishing Training
Collaborates with the Director of Marketing to coordinate development of marketing plans for new
publications and for the LibraryPress@UF overall, and for undertaking the activities in the marketing
plans including the use of web and social media
Collaborates with social media managers in the Libraries and Press for promotion
Maintains compliance with UF social media policies, and Libraries and UF web standards, policies and
Plans, recruits trainers, and provides training within the Libraries and across UF as appropriate, and
provisions trainings with attendant resources for the library publishing, publishing, and digital
Provides and coordinates support for non-credit and for-credit trainings and internships in publishing and
digital scholarship
Coordinates and supports planning and implementing events and activities in support of digital scholarly
publishing at UF, including events and activities that enrich the community of practice for reviewers,
editors, and collaborators across UF, the Libraries, and the UF Press
Other Duties as Assigned
Serves on various committees and task forces at the Library and University level.
Participates in sessions at state and national conferences.
Participates in other departmental activities and special projects as assigned.
Participates in staff development opportunities as needed.
Performs other duties as needed.
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