46 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
25. Approximately how much is spent by your library on publishing activities annually? N=44
Expense Category Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev N
Staff salaries and benefits 6,000 1,000,000 202,502 100,000 233,243 33
Materials 0 50,000 11,000 8,000 14,142 13
Equipment 0 55,000 14,280 4,800 20,567 10
Contract services 1,500 152,182 41,029 38,000 35,136 21
Please identify the other expense category. N=6
$700: CrossRef for DOI registrations, Portico for archiving
ISBNs @$1500, CrossRef @$250+
$5,000: includes honoraria, travel for the Open Book grant
$40,000: bepress
$93,000: fulfillment and distribution, marketing and promotion activities, administrative expenses,
and royalties
Varies depending on how much digital conversion services cost (i.e., how much we do each year).
Comments N=24
$5000 for regular replacement of equipment and software upgrades
Available data, here and above, will introduce misinformation overhead is too varied across several
divisions within libraries and not parsed enough to provide accurate responses. Accounting systems are
not in place (or matured/detailed enough) to capture all costs (once offset/passed through, we lose track
of some of them). Commercial revenues subsidize OA publications, and library press staff positions, in
some cases.
Database and dataset publishing is an intrinsic part of our mission and most all staff contribute to them
in some way.
Dedicated expenditures: this is a new service.
Department assists with many special projects that could loosely be defined as publishing so it’s difficult
to determine costs. Staff costs above based on a proportion of three librarians’ annual salaries.
Equipment investments such as cameras for digitization can be costly, but are not spent annually, e.g.,
$130,000 for digital camera and associated tools in past year. No comprehensive analysis of costs has
been completed.
Given the large number of people involved, the partial dedication of their time to publishing activities,
and the large number of publishing systems at play, we cannot give an accurate estimate or expenditures.
I really can’t say. These activities are so integrated with Hollander Make Central and the Digital
Information Division that I can’t separate them out.
In few words, my salary and the bepress contract for Digital Commons. Although, we have been paying
for bepress DC since 2005 but we barely have used the journal module until recently.
Most costs are embedded in broader categories and cannot be easily teased from those larger amounts.
Staffing is main expense while service is in planning and implementation.
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