4 Survey Results: Executive Summary
For the 12 respondents whose presses report to the library, the most common motivation for that
arrangement is economic need or the opportunity for fiscal efficiencies, followed by leveraging expertise
and because they have more abundant capacity/resources in the library. One respondent commented that
this reporting relationship raised the profile of the press on campus.
Figure 1: Top Five Reasons to Have the Press Report to the Library
For the 15 respondents that have either created or plan to create a library press, by far the most
common reason was to enhance library engagement with/contribution to the institution. For many in
this group, their institution and/or library also needed more publishing services. Additional motivations
include mission-aligned work for exploring new opportunities in the digital age (especially when
supported by grants), demonstrating the market for scholarly, peer-reviewed, open access monographs,
and empowering the library to engage with and effect changes in scholarly publishing.
Figure 2: Top Five Reasons for Creating a Library Press
Twenty-two respondents identified why the library and press collaborate. Most frequently they
want to leverage expertise. They also want to avoid duplicating effort. Economic need/fiscal efficiencies
and enhancing the library’s contribution to the institution are also motivators for press/library
collaboration. One respondent noted that the institutional press publishes works that have both scholarly
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