45 SPEC Kit 357: Libraries, Presses, and Publishing
We do this as a library overall, but not specifically for publishing activities.
24. Please indicate if there is a separate budget or a distinct funding source for publishing activities in
your library. Check all that apply. N=59
Source of Funding Library Institutional Press Library press N
Separate budget 7 4 4 11
Distinct funds 11 1 6 15
Neither 41 1 7 41
Total Respondents 55 5 14 59
Comments N=17
All library press/publishing activities are run through Hollander Make Central. Make Central evolved
from the library copy center and we’ve leveraged their ability with cash handling/financial transactions
after those activities diminished.
CDRH has grant and endowment funding.
Costs are covered by the library operations budget.
Funded on an as-needed basis from various library departmental budgets.
Our publishing activities are a function of managing our IR. The cost of the software is paid from the
acquisitions budget.
Publications-related activity is tracked separately (if that’s what you mean by distinct funds), but
ultimately is part of the library budget.
Publishing activities in the library are supported through salary and general operating funds.
Publishing activities occur within units (with unit funds) and through donor funding.
Some distinct funds to support OERs.
The Publishing Office publications are cost-recovery operations.
The library paid for the bepress Digital Commons subscription.
The LibraryPress@UF and library publishing activities are supported by the libraries’ main budget.
With the new position to be hired, and as more work is done, separate budget plans may be developed,
but these would be a subset of the Libraries’ overall budget.
The Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing is a cost center within the library. We earn
revenues through partial cost recovery through our publishing services.
These data, here and below, will introduce misinformation; overhead is too varied across several
divisions within libraries and not parsed enough to provide accurate responses.
Very small amounts currently budgeted, other than platform (bepress) costs.
We have a budget line in the library budget for the scholarly publishing department, and also grant
funds. For the general library publishing activities, some are funded by endowments or other
campus monies.
We plan to develop a separate budget for publishing.
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