114 Representative Documents: Information for Authors and Editors
LibraryPress@UF, Guidelines for Volume Editors
(explained in our Art Submission Guidelines), and that all art in the manuscript conforms to these
guidelines. You must be willing and able to tell a contributor that we will not use poor quality art, and
that such art will be removed from the chapter if suitable replacements cannot be found.
Schedules: The volume editor is responsible for keeping the contributors on schedule at all stages of
submission. This is especially important once the project has been approved for publication and a
delivery date for the final manuscript for editing and production has been established. All contributors
must know that this date is a firm date, and they risk having their essays removed from the volume if
they cannot meet it.
Once the manuscript has been transmitted, the LibraryPress@UF will provide you with a schedule for
editing and production. You should share this schedule with your contributors, so they will know when
they should set aside time to work on their chapters. Doing this will help prevent delays during the
editing and production process.
Mail/email list: At the very beginning of the process, we strongly recommend that you create an email
list that includes every contributor. This will make it far easier for you to communicate with everyone
involved with the volume at key stages during the process.
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