30 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
WordPress, Omeka, Scalar, etc.
Online portals and databases N=26
Alma library management system
Combination of the IR platform (currently DSpace migrating to Fedora) and the library website
infrastructure, which uses WordPress
CONTENTdm Mukurtu
Custom software
Digital Commons
Drupal (3 responses)
Drupal and other platforms
Drupal, Media Collections Online (Avalon/Fedora), Image Collections Online (Fedora), Archives Online
Drupal, other vendors
DSpace repository
Fedora / Omeka
Fedora Commons with Islandora, Quadra Star with Drupal
Innovative Interfaces Catalog; Google; LUNA
LAMP stack applications (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) primarily using the content management
systems WordPress and Omeka using a mixture of commercial, open source, and custom plugins/themes
for both. We do have custom PHP+MySQL applications we’ve built. For the frontend of these “portals”
we use jQuery, D3, and custom javascript along with other js libraries as-needed.
LibGuides, ArchivesSpace
Locally developed
Open Collections
Purdue University Research Repository (PURR)
UF Digital Collections; utilizing SobekCM Open Source Software; ARL PD Bank; citation databases in
various formats
Other type of publication N=10
bepress Digital Commons
Drupal w/Biblio module
DSpace, HTML
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