44 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Additional comment N=1
We are in the early stages of arranging for an OER coordinator position that would be involved in OER
publishing activities, but it’s not yet clear if we’ll be able to make this happen and how soon.
23. If the library has created or reconfigured positions to provide publishing services (or plans to),
have you realized or identified opportunities for enhanced workforce and/or workplace diversity
and/or inclusivity (e.g., backgrounds, experiences, races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual
orientation, and perspectives)? N=40
Yes 13 33%
No 27 68%
If yes, please briefly describe. N=11
AAUP leads discussions in diversity/inclusiveness; we benefit therefrom. Further, integrating
professionals in marketing, acquisitions, journals, sales, and other areas with librarians, and within our
libraries, has introduced new personality types and new professional/personal backgrounds.
All professional positions at the Libraries are open for options for diversity funding considerations and
are open to all candidates regardless of backgrounds, experiences, races, ethnicities, gender identities,
sexual orientation, and perspectives.
By including sources known to be utilized by these non-traditional applicants.
Diversity is a key factor in all of our hiring, from graduate assistants to the faculty librarians.
In accordance with already-existing university standards.
The LibraryPress@UF is a non-traditional library and press endeavor, and so the position description
was crafted to focus on the skills needed, not an explicit press or library background (which would
narrow the diversity in the potential pool of skilled applicants). The UF Press has a diversity committee
where representatives from the libraries are included for discussing diversity and planning new
opportunities for outreach and engagement, where the work on this group has informed the position
planning and description. A representative from the press is on the search committee for the position.
The search committee also includes a diversity advocate who endeavors even further work for outreach,
engagement, and equity.
The team is diverse, but as I noted above, the team was absorbed into a central division and so the
Libraries does not have much control over the composition and over the enhancement of the group at
this point.
We attempted to have a very inclusive search process that invited applications from all
workforce populations.
We have an affirmative action program with targets for underrepresented groups.
We have not yet hired any workforce representing diverse backgrounds but we actively solicit for this in
our staff postings and hirings.
We moved a Chinese librarian from one department to the institutional repository, and hired another
Chinese librarian into a newly created Digital Repositories Librarian position.
Additional comments N=2
The Diversity Fellowship program places an MLIS student intern in our department for a rotation on an
annual basis. We then have the opportunity to hire them on a full-time basis after graduation.
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