29 SPEC Kit 357: Libraries, Presses, and Publishing
Omeka, Getty OSCI
Print catalog sent off to commercial printer, PDF available in institutional repository
Print, website
Published co-pubs or distributed by Yale University Press
UF Digital Collections; utilizing SobekCM Open Source Software; printed locally; plans to print in
collaboration with UF Press
Online exhibitions N=36
CampusPress (WordPress)
Combination of the IR platform (currently DSpace migrating to Fedora) and the library website
infrastructure, which uses WordPress
Digital Commons
Drupal (2 responses)
Drupal website
Fedora / Omeka
Library website (2 responses)
Omeka (5 responses)
Omeka and WordPress
Omeka, DLXS
Omeka, Drupal
Omeka, Islandora (2 responses)
Omeka, Scalar
Omeka, WordPress
Omeka, WordPress, platforms we’ve built
Omeka; Drupal
Omeka; LUNA
Scholar Works, Special Collections & Archives online exhibits
Scholar, Hydra
Spotlight - in development
Standard HTML web pages
UF Digital Collections; utilizing SobekCM Open Source Software; Some through Adobe Muse; HTML/
CSS with PDF guides; selected student projects in Omeka
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