52 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
These activities are limited to: (1) exhibit catalogs and (2) a manuscript-studies journal.
This is not an active area for us.
We host four subject-based author self-archiving repositories for communities on a global scale. We
collaborate with external partners to build digital collections, such as http://www.historicpittsburgh.
org/. We publish approximately 20 scholarly, peer-reviewed journals with partners external to the
University of Pittsburgh.
We plan to solicit and accept content from non-university authors.
32. Please briefly describe the outreach methods the library uses to enlist/engage authors in
publishing activities. N=37
Embedded in grant award reporting systems (data and contact information harvesting) OA advocacy,
outreach (face-to-face faculty meetings), presentations
Ground-level conversations via subject librarians, university press staff, and others.
Identifying topics and issues within library administration, and then solicit contributions via direct
personal requests and inquiries.
Librarian connections with faculty and community. This includes library-supplied information services
and workshops for faculty and student authors.
Libraries’ news stories, direct email messaging, communication from liaison librarians, and scholarly
publishing events.
Library staff and a faculty member of the staff serve as faculty and student liaisons, engaging in outreach
to all appropriate departments and keeping the university community abreast of available resources.
Messaging to liaison librarians, information sessions, workshops.
Most of our support is engagement with journal editors: presentations, an email listserv, consultations.
Most of the library activity springs from a research or teaching interest of a campus stakeholder.
New faculty orientation, utilize subject librarians to promote services, annual fair to promote
student publications.
No proactive work yet.
One-on-one meetings with faculty and students, presentations to departments, seminars &workshops
Open access education
Our subject specialists and Digital Scholarship Liaison and Instruction Librarian work with
departments to help them start undergraduate research journals. Librarians also refer faculty to our
Scholarly Communication and Publishing unit if they are interested in digital publishing.
Outreach events, marketing (press releases, newspaper article)
Outreach is primarily through the OJS service team and IR@UF coordinator for the services provided.
Personal contacts, library events, library marketing, library liaison activities
Presentations, website, through our liaison librarians
Presentations, scholarly networking, conferences
Promote the institutional repository to faculty to post unique material.
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