34 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Position title Department Reports to Appointment type
Scholars Archive
Dewey Graduate Library Director of Scholarly
Other professional
UO Communications team
assigned to Libraries via
Non-Library Team Associate Dean (not a
“report” relation, but the
AD is the primary library
contact and liaises with
the UO Communications
16. Please indicate the categories of staff who are engaged in the publishing activities provided by the
library, the institutional press, or the library press. Check all that apply. N=55
Staff Category Library Institutional Press Library press N
Librarian 47 3 10 51
Support staff 28 3 9 35
Other professional 25 3 9 31
Other staff category 9 1 1 9
Total Respondents 50 5 13 55
If you selected “Other professional” for the library’s publishing activities above, please briefly
describe it. N=24
Administrative and professional staff
Coordinates and supports the development of activities ranging from traditional publishing through
informal and open channels for scholarly information sharing. Serves as a bridge between the formal
publishing activities of the University Press and the service role of the library, working with both to
develop new and alternative programs in support of constituents’ scholarly output and the mission of
the university. Develops alternate publishing options including open education resources, open access
journals, open conference proceedings, working papers, lab reports, etc.
Developers, systems administrator
Developers, web designers, project managers, digital archivists, preservation specialists,
digitization specialists
Digital Repositories Specialist, an administrative professional position. This person builds collections,
creates metadata, ingests digital objects, assists in managing the ETD workflow, etc. Data Management
Specialist, a faculty position that works with researchers on data management activities, provides
training, etc.
Director of marketing and the marketing team
Editors and writers
Exhibit coordinator does layout for exhibit catalogs and prepares online exhibits.
Graphic designer, system administrator, software developer
Institutional press, IT, ADA compliance, ...
Librarians and other professionals in cataloging are involved in creating CIP metadata and in ensuring
records for LibraryPress@UF materials are included in the catalog. Other professionals in Digital
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