116 Representative Documents: Information for Authors and Editors
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Please provide a brief (150-200 word), plain language summary of your proposed work. Identify your
purpose in writing/creating it, noting the special contribution made by your work, noting format
concerns, and noting how the work takes advantage of and embraces full, Open Access (along with the
potential for print on demand, POD). Define the major concerns and problems you address state your
solutions or findings and their implications. Tell us the compelling, unique features that would
encourage readers.
Please list five internet search terms that can be associated with your work. Please avoid the obvious
such as major disciplines (Southern history, literature) and go a bit deeper to terms YOU would use to
search for this work.
Whom do you see as the main audiences?
What other works attempt to do what your proposed work will do?
Do you know of any potential funding sources for your book? Are there any publication grants available
for authors/creators that publish in your field or on your work’s topic? Also, depending on your line of
work and institutional affiliation(s), are there subsidy funds for which you can apply?
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