23 SPEC Kit 357: Libraries, Presses, and Publishing
If you selected “Other type of publication” produced by the library above, please briefly describe
it. N=13
Advancement, development, and promotional magazines and materials
Broader, larger-scale digital projects/databases
Cultural heritage 3D scans and paleo 3D scans.
Department working papers, conference proceedings, digitized football film footage, presentations/
posters, undergraduate theses
Faculty “digital editions,” or digital representations of faculty projects and research
Interactive Ojibwe Dictionary
Learning objects
Library annual reports
News stories, press releases, collaborative curated digital objects, i.e., Plateau Peoples’ Web Portal
The commercial co-publishers with the library perform the activities listed on the previous screen.
The Digital Scholarship Center reports to the library and specializes in digital visualization of research
and scholarship. As such, databases, datasets, and collateral will be produced and developed to enhance
publications and support projects.
The library produces digital scholarship websites.
White papers and reports
If you selected “Other type of publication” produced by the library press above, please briefly
describe it. N=3
Dynamic scholarly serial publications that are multimedia based.
In-process work includes digital scholarship websites, along with other in-process work for enhanced
monographs, online exhibitions, and portals and databases.
Additional comments N=1
Just to clarify, the library offers the platform for the activities I checked (OA journals and ETDs) but the
library staff doesn’t create/edit/manage any of these content types. The editors (OA journals) and the
grad school (ETDs) manage their own content.
14. Please briefly describe which systems or platforms the library and/or the library press uses to
deliver publications. N=56
Artifacts (e.g., 3D printed objects, artists’ books) N=7
3D files and scans in the UF Digital Collections utilizing SobekCM Open Source Software
3D printer (3 responses)
Arion Press
MakerBot, Fortus
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