35 SPEC Kit 357: Libraries, Presses, and Publishing
Production Services are involved in ingesting and creating metadata records, processing files, and
ensuring preservation/access.
Management &professional employees involved in maintaining systems, design and promotion.
Manager, Digitization and Repository
Managerial professional
No single person directs our library publishing efforts. Joint effort between Office of Copyright and
Scholarly Communication, Digital Scholarship Services, Research and Data Services, and Library
IT Services.
Original copy writing and content development, coordination, design work
Our Espresso Book Machine Coordinator, who is responsible for activities associated with our imprint,
is part of the Administrative Professionals Association and has extensive experience in publishing before
coming to the Libraries. This is a support staff category, but she is still a professional.
Professional staff: developer, analyst
Senior Developer (website development, database building, CSS/HTML, analysis), Researcher/
Developer (website development CSS/HTML), Graphic Designer (print, web design), Public
Engagement Specialist (social media, promotion, event planning, campus- and community-
engagement), Program Coordinator (operational, financial, and programmatic functions), Department
Head (direct department, supervise staff, overall decision-making)
Software developers
Technologists and web developers
The majority of our publishing department staff are non-faculty academic professionals. Most of them
have LIS degrees, but aren't faculty librarians. Their titles are Digital Publishing Specialist, Repository
Services Coordinator, and Research Programmer for Scholarly Communication and Publishing.
The Scholars Archive Administrator position is a professional (not librarian) position, meaning it
requires a bachelor’s degree but not a master’s. This position reports to the Director of Scholarly
Communications and Head of the Dewey Graduate Library, and supervises one clerical staff member
who assists with metadata and other activities.
Unclassified professional staff
If you selected “Other staff category” for the library’s publishing activities above, please briefly
describe it. N=9
Applications programmer: technical support, troubleshooting, upgrades, and development graduate
student library assistant: copyright permissions checking, metadata creation, file uploads, etc.
Graduate assistant
Graduate research assistant
Interns and graduate assistants as needed. IR maintenance, outreach, education, work with publishing
as needed.
Student employees involved in content creation, metadata, digital conversion.
Students (2 responses)
Students to help with digitization, loading of content, metadata, checking copyright status.
Support staff and graduate assistants
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