49 SPEC Kit 357: Libraries, Presses, and Publishing
If you expect the funding level to decrease, please briefly explain why. N=2
The library budget is decreasing due to campus budget cuts. The library press budget may shrink after
our grant concludes in a year and a half.
When we have migrated from Digital Commons to open source systems, we will realize some modest
cost savings.
Additional comments N=2
The level may increase if we are able to arrange for the new OER position, but that’s not yet known.
We are not sure at this moment. Turnover in university and library leadership means priorities may shift.
28. If there is a press at your institution that is separate from the library, are there any plans to merge
their budget with the library’s budget? N=28
Yes 0
No 28 100%
29. Please indicate the types of external vendors your library contracts with to provide publishing
services. Check all that apply. N=48
Digital storage 20 42%
Electronic distribution of e-publications 18 38%
Printing 16 33%
Metadata distribution 16 33%
Print on demand 11 23%
Binding 10 21%
Physical distribution of print 6 13%
Print sales 6 13%
Marketing 5 10%
Physical storage 5 10%
Online sales 5 10%
Scholarly societies (e.g., peer review) 4 8%
Other vendor 17 35%
Please briefly describe the other vendor. N=17
All of these are supplied by or through contracts by the UF Press.
bepress’ Digital Commons
Contract digitization of archival materials libraries refer journals and authors to print on
demand service.
Copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, conversion, audiobook production, MOOC production
Copyediting, typesetting
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