15 SPEC Kit 357: Libraries, Presses, and Publishing
Comments N=11
Answered Yes N=7
Syracuse University Press: A part of the overall library system, but not a library press.
The university system operates the press.
UC Press functions as a separate unit of the Office of the President, University of California. It does not
report to any of the UC campus libraries.
UNC System Press
University of Virginia Press
We are unique and likely will corrupt your data, as we are an integrated single division (library and
institution press).
We support open access publishing within the IU Libraries with publishing initiatives and
infrastructure, and have a joint Office of Scholarly Publishing Group that is jointly managed by the IU
Press and the IU Libraries.
Answered No N=4
Faculty can publish with the University Press of Colorado, a non-profit publisher supported by several
institutions of higher learning within the state, including Colorado State University and the University
of Colorado.
The Library of Congress Publishing Office co-publishes with commercial publishers. Publications
include books, maps, calendars, etc.
The university bookstore offers a print on demand service that fulfills particular publishing needs.
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has a press, but not UIC.
2. Has the library created a press of its own that is either separate from an institutional press or
where no institutional press exists? N=63
Yes, and it is separate from the institutional press 9 14%
Yes, and there is no institutional press 2 3%
Not yet, but the library plans to develop one that will be separate from the
institutional press
3 5%
Not yet, but the library plans to develop one where no institutional press exists 3 5%
No 45 71%
If you answered “Not yet, but the library plans to” above, when do you expect that to happen? N=6
Answered Separate from institutional press N=3
Journal publishing program currently launching—not a separate press, but publishing services.
The reality is that the library has some publishing workflows in collaboration with the university press,
but it is also thinking of further developments, and if we move forward, what those might look like...
Within 12 months, to publish OA journals
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