43 SPEC Kit 357: Libraries, Presses, and Publishing
We created a Publishing Services Librarian position. We also assigned a portion of two existing staff
members’ time to handle technical and software development activities.
Reconfigured Position(s) N=9
Knowledge of scholarly communication, such as open access and institutional repositories.
Marketing specialist position reconfigured to respond to changing needs.
Project management and editor engagement/outreach
Reconfigured position from scholarly communications to open publishing, metadata
librarian project management.
Repository manager position expanded to include publishing activities.
Revised our scholarly communication PD.
The current librarian position has been reconfigured to expand from just copyright to include the
management of the institutional repository that houses locally developed journals and other content. We
are in the middle of an organizational reconfiguration, which will see this work fall into the work of the
Research Services and Scholarly Communication team. As we move ahead with implementing our new
organizational structure, we anticipate the work of supporting the publishing activities of the library will
also be reconfigured.
The departure of the person formerly doing copyright clearances for course packs provided the
opportunity to recreate the position to, in part, serve the institutional repository’s publishing functions.
This change happened last September as part of our department reorganization. My new responsibilities
include managing the IR, creating new policies, guidelines, and MOUs for both the IR and current and
future OA journals. This is in addition of all my other duties as subject librarian for Latin American &
Caribbean Studies, Spanish, Anthropology and Sociology.
New skills that I am working to develop: managing IR platform (manage submissions, troubleshooting
issues, creating new communities and series in the IR). Copyright literacy vis-a-vis publishing (building
knowledge about Creative Commons licenses, self-archiving, OA models, etc.) I am sure there are more
new skills that I need to add to my portfolio to do this job.
Plan to Reconfigure Position(s) N=2
Digital Initiatives librarian hired to develop institutional repository and journal publishing program.
Part-time librarian and students hired to support publishing activity. Plan to reconfigure positions in
restructuring to further support this area.
We are actively discussing this possibility but have no clear plans yet.
Plan to Create and Reconfigure Position(s) N=2
Need staff with a specific journal focus, or at least need to orient part of existing job toward journal-
focused work.
We may in the future but don’t know at the moment. Copyediting, layout, design, etc., likely would still
remain responsibility of organization publishing journal. Almost all questions now go to bepress. We
don’t provide services, just advice.
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